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A blip on the radar

yes i still do work on photoshop sometimes! i just.... post a lot less... and if you notice im no longer promoting this graphic community so im just really making whatever i feel like at this point.

Here are 6 icons of MY favorite pairing, Buffy and Dean based off a manip i worked my butt off to do..

01 02
03 04
05 06
07 08

all i ask is to give credit where credit is due and if you like what you see, tell me. :) feedback makes my day
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okay i am deeply deeply sorry about the length of time in between making icons but like i said before, my life is rather hectic.

right now im still in the midst of moving into my own house and i DONT HAVE INTERNET THERE! the only reason i even have access to UPDATING is because im doing this at my grandparents house and im not necessarily spending all my time here.. but i WILL keep making graphics! but i will only post them once i get internet so please bear with me.

and for those of you who have made header requests, i will get to them! I PROMISE! just be patient.

if any of you still would like a header request, go to my recent post and fill out the form. thanks for all of your consideration.
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WOW. finally done with those header requests!! some of them im not too happy with but im willing to do them over.

so click under the lj cut to pick yours up!

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and since i think i can do more, ill keep taking taking requests. but my last request post is such a mess! so just comment here with your requests, if you have any. and the people who requested last time, can do so again if they wish.

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i have no fucking clue why but i feel like taking header requests.. i need to get back in the game.

i will close the requests when i feel like i wont be able to do anymore!

the only rules are that i will not do personal headers as in headers with pictures of YOU. and that i will only do headers of fandoms i like. if u aren't sure of what im willing to do, JUST ASK!


once again, if you're not sure what im willing to do, just ask and ill tell you if im willing to do it or not. and oh yeah, everything has to be good quality. or i wont do it.

request form: