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At least your bf is not a cold blooded.. JELLY DONUT?

Engravedheart's Graphic Journal
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It is I! engravedheart come to brighten your world with laughter and SONG!

That or to torture you to pieces with what i like to call art and you like to call garbage. this may look like a playground but it isn't a playground. you cannot climb on that header there or throw around that icon there. everything is fragile and should be treated as such.

What you should first know is that I do not like trends. I don't like to follow them. I tend to do bright colored icons with lotsa flashy things going on. although i love styles of all kinds. i don't necessarily like JUST the cropped and screened a billion times icons. i love art. you and i may disagree on my icons being great but that is why art cannot be judged. it is a form of expression. so... HAVE FUN HERE! and try not to break anything.
1. Comment what you’re taking.
2. Credit me for whatever graphics you use. NOT the community.
3. Credit Headers and such in your Userinfo. and Icons in the comment section. look below to see what i mean.
4. Do not edit any of the graphics without permission
5. Upload All Graphics to your own server
6. Nominating is awesome! but please tell me which icon and which community.
7. All of the graphics presented here are for the use of livejournal ONLY!!
8. Comment on any of my posts to affiliate. :D

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Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide

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